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The New Pepsi Throwback Bottles

Does anyone else love these bottles as much as I do? I think they really got it right this time. I can’t wait to sip on this fantastic stuff again!

Big thanks to @onlythenoodles for hooking up the picture.


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sodagiant’s First FROTHFIGHT! Coming This Friday!!

That’s right ladies and gentleman, the Friday will mark the very first FROTHFIGHT! I bet you’re asking yourself “What in the hell is a FROTHFIGHT!?” at this very moment. Well, FROTHFIGHT! is a head to head beverage battle every week, but as you know there can be only one winner. I’ll be pitting well known beverages against each other, as well as digging deep to find the best drinks in every category. So join me this Friday and we’ll have a FROTHFIGHT!

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Welcome to sodagiant!

Hello everyone! My name is John Engelman and I would like to welcome you to sodagiant, the internets soda and snack show served ice cold daily! I’ll be talking about (and tasting!) lots of delicious sodas, waters, juices, chips, pretzels, and more. I love beverages more than the next guy, and I can’t wait to explore the world of beverages with you all!