The Internets Soft Drink Review Show


Are you a soda company and want me to try your product?

Because it would be my pleasure! I always love receiving samples from companies, and always like to have some direct contact with the company. Please, do not hesitate to contact me through one of the channels above, though I’d prefer email and I’m sure you would too. 

I always give an honest review, and I’m not afraid to say I don’t like your beverage. I don’t rely on a star rating or a score system, I simply go by the old recommendation system of “buy” or “don’t buy” and believe that fits me and my personality best. 

I’ll try just about anything in a bottle or can, and no drink is safe. A soft drink is defined as:

1. A nonalcoholic, flavored, carbonated beverage, usually commercially prepared and sold in bottles or cans.

2. (Cookery) a nonalcoholic drink, usually cold
…and guess what? I’m pretty loose with that definition. Cola, root beer, ginger beer, energy drinks, energy shots, flavored water, fruit drinks, fruit juice, you name it. I will review pretty much any COLD, NONALCOHOLIC DRINK. 

Do you also want to send me t-shirts and stickers?

I really like both of those things. I also really like giving things away, so… 
I wear a size M t-shirt. Hoodies? L. Send a few extra? GIVE AWAY TIME.

Do you ALSO want to talk about advertising?

We can have that conversation too! Send an email to and we’ll chat.

Here’s a list of things I’d like if I do review your beverage: 

Product samples (obviously), 2 of each flavor if possible, distributor lists, marketing kits, sell sheets, press clippings, and press releases. As I previously mentioned, I also really like t-shirts and stickers.

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