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ROOT BEER FRIDAY DISASTER (Not really, though)

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re having an awesome RBF. So, I was cleaning some files off my computer late last night, and I now realize that I DELETED TODAYS EPISODE! Oh no! Actually, it’s not that big of a deal becuase the drink sucked, but it was a fun episode. So in light of all this I decided I’d do my first written sodagiant review… about a terrible beverage… Here it goes.

Deerfeild Trading Company Root Beer

Sold EXCLUSIVLEY at Walgreens.

16 oz glass bottle – $1.39

Right off the bat I see it’s made with REAL SUGAR, and that’s always a good sign. Too bad I’m not a huge fan of the package. The whole thing just looks old a busted to me, but as I’ve said before “it’s what’s in the bottle that counts” so we’re going to let this slide for now. First impression upon cracking the bottle open: it’s VERY carbonated… Like, over carbonated. Like, CRAZY, CRAZY amounts of foam carbonated. Not really much to smell on the nose, just a general root beer scent with a touch of wintergreen and vanilla. Pretty standard stuff. At this point I’m a bit worried; it’s in an ugly package, it’s SUPER carbonated, and it has virtually no scent. Time to take a swig…

NOT GOOD. Holy foam, Batman. It’s so carboanted it’s hard to drink. You’re mouth is full of the aforementioned foam as soon as the bottle touches your lips, so it’s hard to get a good, satisfying swig. I had to let the bottle sit unopened for some time (maybe an hour) to even get a good taste of what’s inside, and I found it to be a pretty standard, boring root beer. Nothing to rush out and buy, that’s for certain. You guys know I LOVE a complex root beer, and this is not one of them. Creamy vanilla, maybe a hint of wintergreen, and that’s it.

Overall, I give this one a PASS. That makes 2 bad beverages in 2 days. Not cool.

I’ll be reviewing Walgreens Root Beer next week, and I think you’ll find it to be far superior… 🙂


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