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Should I do an afterthoughts/comments episode?

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Hey guys! So I’ve been thinking for some time about doing an afterthoughts / comments episode. I finish (almost) all of the beverages I try, and sometimes a beverage grows on me. Sometimes I grow to dislike something that was good. Sometimes I just want to talk more about certain beverages… At any rate, what do you think a semi-regular episode that shares new thoughts on old beverages and addresses YouTube / website comments?

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    Should I do an afterthoughts episode?<span style=”font-size:9px;”>survey software</span>


Author: sodagiant

sodagiant is The Internets Soft Drink Review Show. Your host, John Engelman, is on a mission to taste as many beverages as possible and share his thoughts about them with the world. Every week he brings you honest and in-depth reviews of the sodas, energy drinks, and juices available to help make your drink buying decision a little easier.

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