The Internets Soft Drink Review Show

sodagiant LIVE 1/25/10


This was my first live show on USTREAM. Expect more of this. WAY more of this.

Author: sodagiant

sodagiant is The Internets Soft Drink Review Show. Your host, John Engelman, is on a mission to taste as many beverages as possible and share his thoughts about them with the world. Every week he brings you honest and in-depth reviews of the sodas, energy drinks, and juices available to help make your drink buying decision a little easier.

2 thoughts on “sodagiant LIVE 1/25/10

  1. Great Site – but there are so many sweetened sodas out there – and most are good. A helpful test would be of sugar free ( diet) sodas … there are more on the market than ever before – and people are drinking them.

    Yeah, I know many stink, but isn’t that the service you provide?

    After all, if Greg took the challenge of tasting frozen pet food – simply to keep his site (Freezerburns) honest, then maybe a diet drink once in a while would be REALLY helpful for those of us who want less sugar, and would keep you as the reigning Soda Giant –


    • I totally agree. I’ll be sure to get into diet soda a little more. I’ve been looking for some diet beverages worth sampling because I know LOTS of people out there only drink diet soda and I want them to have something better than diet Coke! I’m really trying to find unique drinks and I know there are more than a few diet sodas worth passing along.

      I appreciate you looking and I really appreciate your advice. You can be sure I’ll have a diet soda or 2 in the next couple weeks!

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