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Episode 24: Arizona Performance Energy Drink

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Author: sodagiant

sodagiant is The Internets Soft Drink Review Show. Your host, John Engelman, is on a mission to taste as many beverages as possible and share his thoughts about them with the world. Every week he brings you honest and in-depth reviews of the sodas, energy drinks, and juices available to help make your drink buying decision a little easier.

One thought on “Episode 24: Arizona Performance Energy Drink

  1. The worst thing I’ve ever had to drink was buttermilk…I had intended to grab the eggnog carton out of the fridge, but accidentally grabbed a buttermilk carton. I didn’t want to use a glass so I just popped the top and chugged it. It was several months past its’ prime and slightly chunky. Awful. As much as I love eggnong, I couldn’t drink it for a few years.

    As for worst soda, it would have to be Beverly. It’s a Coca-Cola product that is distributed in Europe, particularly in Italy. I taste tested it at World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta (where they have 64 international Coke products on tap) All through the tour, Beverly was referred to as everyone’s “favorite” Coke. I would dare say its worse than any energy drink I’ve ever had…bitter, medicinal, not enough sweetness. It’s worth it to try about 1/2 a teaspoon just to see how horrid it is, but don’t ever waste your money on a whole bottle.

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