The Internets Soft Drink Review Show

Episode 4: Coca-Cola



Author: sodagiant

sodagiant is The Internets Soft Drink Review Show. Your host, John Engelman, is on a mission to taste as many beverages as possible and share his thoughts about them with the world. Every week he brings you honest and in-depth reviews of the sodas, energy drinks, and juices available to help make your drink buying decision a little easier.

2 thoughts on “Episode 4: Coca-Cola

  1. not sure i understand the ‘review’ part of this video. i thought you were going to describe how it tastes and really analyze it. you kind of just drank it and said it was the shit. people already have their own opinions on the soda so you just saying you like it is worth little.

    • First, thank you for watching. Second, I’m just getting started in the world of reviews and am still getting my feet wet. I know that this episode wasn’t the most in depth review ever, but as I said I’m still a bit of a review noob and learning more everyday about what makes a good review. Again, thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comment and advice.

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